The Wanted Level at 5.

The wanted level is a status that shows how wanted you are by the police. It can range from 1 to 5 badges, depending on how much trouble you end up in. The wanted level is shown below the radar at the top right hand corner.



At this level, the player gets targeted by police officers to be arrested. Arresting can be done if a police officer beats the player until he falls, dead or not. $500 in cash is lost as a fine.

The player gets this level if the latter destroys a single police car, hits or aims a gun at a walking officer, shoots his car while he is inside, bumps into said car or kill 4 Chumps or Gangsters. The best way to lose this level is to find a single Police Badge, drive into a rural area of the map or enter water with no boats.


At this higher level, the player is wanted dead by officers. They will try to shoot him down. If successful, he will lose $500 for the hospital bill. The Player will get hit with this level if he kills an officer, a large amount of chumps or if he destroys a large amount of vehicles. The best and fastest way to lose this wanted level is to get two police badges (depending on where you are). If in an area where badges are scarce, the player can lose the cops and stay at a particular spot. He should try not to stop at busy streets, especially in daytime.


Same as two, but more officers will come for the player, esp. in the daytime. The police SUV is brought in.


This is where the feds come in. They are equipped with shotguns and are dangerous if in swarms and in daytime. Again, same stuff as two, but getting badges will be harder, considering the amount of cops chasing the player. The best way for the player to lose this level is to head to a parking lot and stay away from the road as far as you can or if there are a number of badges, get in a vehicle and drive to collect them.


The maximum wanted level. This level is exceptionally brutal, bringing along some SWAT Officers in armored Teddys. With all of the police units together at this level, survival is difficult and even more if the player happens to get this level in daytime. On some streets, police vehicles will be parked in front of some lanes to try and stop you. The player should choose vehicles that go fast like a VampSquid to manouver and outrun their vehicles fast. He should also drive to a rural area to ensure best chances of losing this difficult level.