The loading screen.

Note: This game has coarse language in dialogs and actions that should not be reproduced. Appropriate for ages 17 and up.


Urban Crime is a crime simulation game made by Gameloft for IOS. It was released as a spinoff of Gangstar: Miami Vindication , another popular crime simulation game from Gameloft, with the spinoff being made a free premium title and the main storyline replaced by a mission system. This method was based on Grand Theft Auto.

The game begins with the unnamed protagonist of the story being greeted by his cousin, who plans to take over all of Miami. The protagonist's cousin believes the best way to do this is by taking down all the gang bosses in the city one by one. None of the characters in the game are named though.

The game is at the time of writing, the only free premium freeroam crime simulation game in the market, and as with all free titles, it has its limits. The game can be completed without the use of any real money, but special purchases can be made to allow the player access to vehicles that would otherwise be unlocked much later in the game, to replenish the player's energy faster and get diamonds in game.