Territories are, as the name goes, certain spots in Miami that players can take over.


While in friendly territory (which can be identified on the map where a certain spot is shaded green), gangsters won't continue to pursuit and kill the player throughout the territory after the latter bothers them in some way. Vice versa if in enemy territory.

Missions will take place next to the territory the player is assigned to take over. After taking over all the territories, mission spots will be spread out across Miami.

How to take over

Players can control territories after completing a mission where you have to kill the territory boss. There are 10 territories that the player can take over and when the latter controls all of them, the achievement World Domination is earned.

If the player is very inactive, they will lose all their territories and will have to do one mission to gain one territory back until the player is at the territory which was in progress.

You can invite friends via Gameloft Live to slow down territory loss by 10 percent.