Helicopter controls.

The Helicopter is an aircraft vehicle which can be unlocked at level 45. It is the last unlockable vehicle excluding the hidden vehicles Sea Ride and W4C-H.


The helicopter than come in two paint jobs, white and blue or white and orange. Being the only aircraft, this vehicle is quite unique.

Since it is an aircraft, the controls involve two sticks at the left and right. The right stick enables the helicopter to go up or down and the left stick controls the way the helicopter faces. To turn while flying, the player must tilt his device to whatever direction he or she wishes.

It has a pretty slow speed and has 800 units of health, but these negative factors are balanced by easy handling and control.

It can be bought at the shop for 25 diamonds when not at level 45 and can be bought for $1000 in cash when unlocked.

The helicopter can spawn only in a few areas of Miami, mainly in helipads.


  • In Gangstar: Miami Vindication, there is a police helicopter.