Player fighting with a Gangster

Gangsters are very common on the streets of Urban Crime. They come in all types, enemies or allies and different looks.


Their appearance varies, although they can be noticed easily along the sidewalk.

  • One gangster wears a blue bandana around his face, is plump, shirtless, has short hair and wears blue jeans a bit below his underwear. He equips an SMG. When he passive, he is usually just standing on the spot. He has black hair. He usually rides a Sorraia or a Sanchez.
  • Another can be hard to spot, but you can find him when you aim a gun at him and he doesn't raise his hands up; he is a middle aged man wearing a tuxedo. The gangster with the grey one holds a shotgun, the one with the black wields dual handguns. He has black hair, like most gangsters.
  • Another gangster wears a black bandana across his head, wears a black short-sleeved jacket with a white undershirt and has shades. He fights only with his fists. He can be easily spotted riding a Fat Damsel.
  • A different gangster looks near his late-40's. He wears a red bandana across his head, a red sleeveless jacket and blue jeans. He wields a single Handgun.
  • One kind of gangster involves the latter wearing glasses, a blue no-sleeved jacket and jeans. He has blond hair.
  • Some other gangster is plump, wears a straw hat, a beige long-sleeved shirt and red pants. Carries a handgun.
  • The final male gangster wears 80's style attire: a black top hat, a tight red shirt, black tight pants and a pair of sunglasses. In the versions before the IOS 7 version of the game, he can carry one of any weapon during missions, but otherwise, he just carries a Handgun.
  • The only female gangster wears a brown/black dress halfway across her thighs. She wears black heels and wields the dual handguns. She is usually in a fast vehicle such as a VampSquid. She is never a pedestrian, excluding times when she gets off a car.


If you are in friendly territory, gangsters walking by won't try to attack you, but vice versa if you are in enemy territory. If the player shoots a car that has a gangster in it, hurt a chump in any way, the gangster will drive towards the player, get off the vehicle and try to attack you. Any other walking gangsters will try to attack the player as well.